Once in your lifetime you experience the strong urge to tread a different way which is driven from inside, from your soul and heart. Bewajah is just the one for us. All through our corporate life we have pursued other’s dream to meet our livelihood and were made to believe that this is the right way and we kept walking despite adversities. Reality struck one day and struck hard and we started questioning why we did what we did all through – Bewajah. Hence the name came from deep within the conscience questioning our very way of life. The deliberations lead to creation of a brand “Bewajah” which is going to reflect our inner demon and the way to win over it for larger good. Bewajah is the journey we craved for (it seems) and we are going to create our space which we always deserved. Look forward to our ever evolving themes and product range which will sweep you off your feet (not Bewajah).